Game Day Program


Game Day Recap

Teams across the State of Ohio and Kentucky went head-to-head on Saturday, May 12 at the new Johnson Controls Youth Sports Village. The team rosters featured boys in grades 5 & 6.

Dublin Rocks and Hilliard Predators are co-champions of the A-Division with 4-0 records. Lax Mafia took home the B-Division championship trophy.

The Ohio Lacrosse Championship All Star game was evenly matched and exciting to watch. Players have been selected to represent the State of Ohio at the Maverik National Lacrosse Academy in Delaware this summer.

Team Spirit

Avon and Lakota earned top "Tailgate Tent" honors while Hilliard received "Best in Class" for team tailgate set up. Overall, the Ohio Lacrosse Championship had a great group of team spirited fans!

Game Day Pics

All Star Game

Avon (24-25)153, 32, Seighman,Ty, Attack

Avon (24-25)152, 56,Luker, Austin

Bay Village (24-25)150,8, Ardire, Ryan, Defense

Bay Village (24-25)149,40,Dunn,Jaxon, Midfield

Centerville Elks (24-25)151,11,Jones,Drew,Defense

Centerville Elks (24-25)138,36,George,Aydan,Defense;Midfield

Centerville Elks (24-25)137,41,Harless,Eli,Attack

Dublin Rocks (24-25)141,35,Baur, Elliott,Goalie

Dublin Rocks (24-25)1 42,4,Haqq,Cael,Attack

Dublin Rocks (24-25)143,13,Lewis,Ryder,Midfield

Dublin Rocks (24-25)144,33,siddell,Seth,Defense

Dublin Rocks (24-25)145,55,white,Kyle,Midfield

Hilliard Predators (24-25)146,1,Ames,Vance,Goalie

Hilliard Predators (24-25)147,8,Clifford,Joey,Defense

Hilliard Predators (24-25)148,16,Shaw,Dominic,  Midfield

Hilliard Predators (24-25)215,17,Green,Samuel,  Midfield

Hilliard Predators (24-25)216,23,Wilson,Caden,Defense

Lakota Lacrosse (24-25)217,1,Edkins,Owen,Attack

Lakota Lacrosse (24-25)218,8,Hickey, Brennen, Midfield

Lakota Lacrosse (24-25)171,13,Barone,Ryan,Defense

LaxVille Mafia (24-25)162,10,Hampton,Ty, Attack

LaxVille Mafia (24-25)16566KrakerJohmDefense

North Canton Hoover (22-23)163,16,Gregory,Mitch,Midfield

North Canton Hoover (22-23)164,20,Somers,Emmett,Midfield

Olmsted Falls (24-25)219,12,DeMarco,Jameson,Attack

Olmsted Falls (24-25)17630BeaneCarterDefense;LSM

Pickerington Lax Cats (24-25)139,4,Hayes,Charlie, Attack

Pickerington Lax Cats (24-25)140,37,Steele,Zoryen, Midfield

Raiders Lacrosse NKY 5/6 (24-25)154,19,Press,Colin,Defense

Raiders Lacrosse NKY 5/6 (24-25)178,32,Lanier, Michael, Midfield

Strongville Lacrosse Youth (24-25)177,1,Adams,Vinci,Midfield

Strongville Lacrosse Youth (24-25)16920KlingeJohnDefense

Strongville Lacrosse Youth (24-25)16850CoryeaToddGoalie

Upper Arlington Golden Bears (24-25)167,39,Crum,Nicholas,Midfield

Upper Arlington Golden Bears (24-25)166,45,Rood,Charlie,Attack

Upper Arlington Golden Bears (24-25)170,61,Crotty,John, Quinn,Midfield

Worthington (24-25)187,2,Hawkins,Preston,Goalie

Worthington (24-25)1953TyackThomasAttack;Midfield

Worthington (24-25)174,11,James,Luke,Midfield

worthington (24-25)173,44,Lamatrice,Angelo


  1. Bring primary and back-up lacrosse sticks, all protective equipment, shoes for synthetic turf, folding chairs, music, tents, energy foods and drinks, team spirit-wear and banners.
  2. Teams are to check-in at the main tent 45 minutes prior to their first game. Schedule here
  3. Unload your tailgate tents and passengers at the main entrance to the fields and park in the adjacent lot
  4. Every player will receive admission to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame Museum.
  5. A limited quantity of commemorative event tees will be available for $20 cash preferred.
  6. Players are to be uniformed and wear all protective equipment while on the playing field at all times.
  7. Gatorade hydration products will be provided on the field.
  8. Athletic trainers will be on site at the fields.
  9. Read the Emergency Action Plan & Weather-Related Adjustments below.


  • Games begin and end on a central horn.
  • 2 22 minute running halves. 1 TO per half per team (1 minute). 3 minute halftime.
  • No 20 or 10 second clocks for clearing.
  • NO Overtime
  • Penalties are 30 seconds and 1 minute from the time that the whistle blows to re-start live play
  • Tiebreakers for championship of A and B brackets are as follows:
  • Overall record
  • Head to head result
  • Goals Against
  • Goal Differential
  • Goals For

Sportsmanship Statement

LEGACY Global Sports and the Pro Football Hall of Fame promote good  sportsmanship by players, coaches and spectators. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, racial or ethnic comments, or other intimidating actions directed at officials, players, coaches or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the site of competition.

Emergency Action Plan

Weather-Related Adjustments

In the event of field closures and/or unplayable field conditions, or adverse or threatening weather conditions, including rain, wind, lightning, excess heat and/or humidity, tournament organizers reserve the absolute and unfettered right to:

  • Cancel and/or postpone further play in whole or in part.
  • Reduce game times to catch up with schedule, whether caused by cancellations, postponements, or to accelerate the schedule to avoid the onset of adverse or threatening weather conditions.
  • Revise the schedule, including modifying game times and rules and/or canceling certain games.
  • Interrupt and suspend games as necessary; games that are continued from the point of interruption may be subject to modified rules if they resume, as circumstances warrant.
  • Finish or end games before inclement weather arrives or to preserve field conditions.
  • Games that start but are truncated of necessity will be deemed official at the point of termination regardless of actual duration.
  • No refunds will be issued due to weather-related adjustments during the tournament.

Lightning & Threatening Storm Conditions

Officials are expected to follow established safety rules and suspend games for the appropriate interval(s) of time if there are lightning strikes in the vicinity of the event (typically not less than 30 minutes after last sound of thunder or last sighting of lightning). The Tournament will also use blasts from an air horn to instruct all participants to leave the fields and find shelter and safety. The Tournament will resume the schedule after clearance from the assigning Official and event director.

Emergency Action Plan

Weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams, players, coaches, parents and fans should be prepared to vacate the field in as orderly a fashion as possible and to find safety in their vehicles. IT IS NOT ADVISABLE TO SEEK SHELTER UNDER TENTS IN AN OPEN FIELD OR UNDER TREES DURING ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS, INCLUDING A LIGHTNING STORM. FIND SHELTER IN A VEHICLE IMMEDIATELY AND MAKE SURE THE WINDOWS ARE UP. The event directors will endeavor to transmit updates via text messaging and postings on this website and through LGS_Lacrosse social media.